Brazos Valley Regional Advisory of Council


“BVRAC’s is mission to provide the infrastructure and leadership necessary to sustain an optimal and comprehensive trauma, acute care, and emergency medical system within Brazos Valley Region.”


The BVRAC vision is to take an ecological and multidisciplinary approach to the emergency medical system by unifying the Brazos Valley Region through public health, emergency management, injury prevention, acute care, and emergency services. BVRAC plans to engage the regional advisory council members, all trauma physicians, nurses, and emergency medical technicians, along with anyone else involved in emergency/trauma response to positively affect the knowledge and skills of the Brazos Valley community so that it can make health related gains before, during, and following emergency situations and trauma incidents. The overarching goal is to provide comprehensive trauma care through strong partnerships, acute care via rapid response, and injury prevention by means of education and innovative programming. The BVRAC emphatically believes that a dedication to unity, special at-risk populations, and outreach education will continue to catapult not only the BVRAC, but most importantly the entire region into another level of service, trauma response, and prevention.


Since its inception, BVRAC has been active in trauma prevention and education programs as well as development and implementation of trauma patient care standards. Maintaining public education and awareness activities to increase the understanding of the trauma care system, access to trauma care and prevention of injuries, and providing coordination of acute medical services in mass casualty and disaster settings is an integral part of the mission and goals of BVRAC. In recent years, BVRAC has developed a Perinatal and Stroke Committee for additional improvement and implementation of patient care standards.

Brazos Valley Regional Advisory of Council

Trauma and Acute Care should be part of a seamless trauma system that provides patients with well-organized and high-quality care. Incorporation of an overall health care system requires cooperation and availability of each component of the system.
The essence of a trauma and acute care system is the ability to get the right patient to the right hospital at the right time to reduce death and disability. BVRAC members have made great strides toward this goal and continue to collaborate and strive to improve care of the trauma and acute care patient.

Brazos Valley Regional Advisory of Council


The Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council (BVRAC) was established in 1992 through a grant from the Texas Department of Health’s Regional Trauma System Development Grant Program. It is one of 22 Trauma Service Areas in Texas and consists of seven counties known as Trauma Service Area – N. BVRAC is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization since 1998.

During the 71st legislative session (1989), House Bill 18 was passed directing the establishment of a statewide trauma system for Texas. Specific rules and regulations related to the development of the statewide system were identified and implemented.
Trauma Service Area – N mirrors the geographical boundaries of the Brazos Valley Council of Governments known as the Brazos Valley. The Brazos Valley is comprised of six rural counties (Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington) and one urban county (Brazos) that make up the Brazos Valley. The Brazos Valley covers an area of 5109 miles and is home to 330,950citizens per the 2015 American Community Survey estimate. Major Interstates and Highways transverse all seven counties of the Brazos Valley and provides a pass through conduit to major cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. The Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council (BVRAC) was established in 1992 through a grant from the Texas Department of Health’s Regional Trauma System Development Grant Program.