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State EMS/Trauma System Advisory Council

In 1999, the Texas Legislature created a 15-member council to advise and make recommendations to DSHS on the rules and standards for emergency medical services and trauma systems. The council met for the first time in January 2000 and now meets quarterly as the Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC). The council members are appointed by the governor, and each member represents a different role in the EMS/trauma system, including fire chief, trauma surgeon or nurse, rural trauma facilty, EMS educator, general public (2), emergency physician, private EMS provider, EMS medical director, EMS air medical service, fire department, urban trauma facility, county EMS provider, pediatrician and EMS volunteer. The council has ten standing committees: Air Medical Committee, Cardiac Care Committee, Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Committee, Education Committee, EMS Committee, Injury Prevention Committee, Medical Directors Committee, Pediatrics Committee, Stroke Committee, and Trauma Systems Committee. The committees are comprised of up to 11 members; the Council chair and standing committee chair jointly appoint committee members from a pool of applicants. GETAC members are encouraged to attend all committee meetings to understand the agenda items that may be presented to the Council. The committees meet regularly, under the open meetings.