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I. Call to Order
II. Introductions
III. Approval of Board of Director’s February 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes
IV. Financial Report
V. Executive Director Report
A. MMU Status Update
B. Corona Virus-BVRAC scope of work
C. BVRAC new contract review
D. EMS LPG project discussion
E. SB 500 Project Update
F. Budget Spending Needs
G. GETAC Update
H. EMS County Update
VI. Discussion and/or Action Items
VII. Committee Reports
A. Education
1. Stop The Bleed Progress Report
B. Pre-Hospital
C. Hospital Care and Management/Acute Care
D. Stroke
1. Trauma & Acute Care Symposium
E. System QI/Physician’s Advisory
F. Injury Prevention
1. Shattered Dreams Request
G. Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
H. Perinatal
VIII. Open Forum
IX. Important Dates
A. General Assembly meetings April 3, 2020
X. Adjourn