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HazMat for Healthcare First Responder/ Receiver Operations Course provides training in the
defensive management of internal hazardous material incidents and the decontamination of
contaminated victims, including patient decontamination. This course is compliant with the
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 (q)(6)(ii) requirements of the Hazardous Waste Operations and
Emergency Response Standard at the Operations level.

Organizational Outcomes
An internal team that can continue to provide decontamination for contaminated victims and
address internal spills in a defensive manner.

Student Outcomes
Skills to protect oneself and those in the hospital as well as contaminated victims that show-up
at the hospital.

Learning Objectives
• Explain the need for, types, selection criteria and limits of protective equipment
• commonly used in HazMat incidents
• Select, don and doff the proper personal protective equipment
• Understand the hazards and limitations of personal protective equipment
• Verbalize definitions of basic hazardous materials terms
• Apply basic hazard and risk assessment techniques to hazardous materials incidents
• Describe the aspects of control, containment, and confinement within your resources
• Describe protective actions and rescue options
• Describe understanding of relevant standard operating guidelines and termination of
• event procedures
• Explain decontamination procedures for victims, personnel and equipment
• Discuss application of relevant Standard Operating Guidelines for Spill Management and
• Patient Decontamination
• Discuss methods for mass decontamination

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For questions contact Brandy LaPaglia @ blapaglia@st-joseph.org