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This is not a “typical” active shooter lecture. This presentation
does not focus on one aspect of active shooter response. Instead,
this presentation looks at the totality of the event from many
different perspectives. Firmly grounded in more than 20,000 hours
of research, this presentation utilizes more than 500 references.
This course also presents data and lessons learned frommore than
75 large-scale joint public safety active shooter exercises. This
course will provide decision-makers the right questions to ask so
that an optimal active shooter response plan can be created in their

***This course is ONLY for active police/fire/EMS/EM responders, 9-1-1
communicators, hospital administrators, school administrators, military
public safety, military command teams, and city/county government
officials. Official ID required.***

Register: Email Justin Knuppel at jknuppel@wacounty.com